Gourmet Dulce de Leche Onda-Onda 350g


Truly gourmet dulce de leche. Creamy, smooth and delicious.

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Gourmet Dulce de Leche Onda-Onda 350g


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Onda-Onda is a luxury, creamy dulce de leche. Based on the best of the best dulce de leche from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. A smooth texture with a strong milky caramel taste. Great as a dessert ingredient, spread, topping or filling. Delicious with ice cream or just on its own!


Ingredients: Whole Milk, Sugar, Glucose, Vanilla, Potassium sorbate (preservative E202), Bicarbonate of Soda


What is Dulce de Leche?

Dulce de leche is an important dessert ingredient which is highly popular across South and Latin America. It is also popular Spain and is sometimes also known as “manjar”. It is produced by condensing down milk and sugar over many many hours until a thick, creamy caramel spread results. The creamy, toffee taste is the famous “offee” of Banoffee Pie. In South America is it used as jam might be used in the UK for example as a cake filling, on toast, as an ingredient use with biscuits, cupcakes, rice pudding and a pancake filling. This will be especially relevant to you if you grew up in South America, this will remind you of home and of your childhood! It also has such an intense flavour that it is perfect for making cheesecakes, mousse and ice cream.

The best dulce de leches are made using full fat, raw whole milk that is transported directly from the milking parlours to the factory. This is because this ensures the freshest, creamiest milk is used in production and as a result the product is top quality. Sweet and heavenly just one taste and you’ll be addicted!


Party food serving suggestion: these tiny pastry cases with a slice of banana and Onda-onda caramel toffee are so easy and will keep your guests happy! Banana and dulce de leche are a taste combination that always works. See some of our recipe suggestions for dulce de leche and other South American favourite foods.

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