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Polenta 1 Minute Mix 450g Puritas


Polenta is a delicious simple food made from cornmeal. This mix is so easy to make – just 1 minute! 100% natural, no salt, additives or colourings.

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Polenta is a staple food enjoyed in Italy. It is also particularly consumed in South American countries with strong links to Italy. It is a great side dish and even delicious on its own. Made from cornmeal is can be made into a type of porridge, and can also be made into a type of loaf that can be baked and sliced.

Puritas is a Uruguayan company and produces not only polenta but other traditional food items.

Ingredients: Cornmeal
To Prepare:

Heat 2 litres of water, season to your taste. Sprinkle the contents of the pack like rain into the water. Mix well

Ingredients: Corn flour
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