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Tribal Ceramic Mate Cup in Guarani Style


A delightful ceramic mate cup designed to mimic the style of a natural gourd with tribal guarani engravings.

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A delightful tribal ceramic mate cup designed to mimic the style of a natural gourd with guarani engravings.

This mate is perfect for those who don’t want to use a traditional gourd. This tribal ceramic mate cup is perfect if you suffer from acid indigestion (a natural gourd adds flavour and acidity to the brew) and is also more simple to care for, and more durable. Very stylish.

Ceramic mate cups are very convenient as they can be immediately used. Which is instead of curing it. It also can be cared for more simplistically between uses – just rinse and you can forget about it unlike a natural gourd where you have to be sure it is always dry.

The approximate dimensions of this mate cup are:
Diameter at the widest point – 8.5cm
Height – 7cm
Volume – 225ml

Yerba mate is an important part of South American social culture. It is a natural tea rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Traditionally it is drunk from a mate cup, usually made from a gourd, ceramics, glass or wood. It is then sipped through a metal straw with a filtered end called a bombilla

Read how to brew your yerba mate. There are a few choices:

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